WDCB sponsors “Investigation” CD release May 19th, 2015 at the Jazz Showcase

WDCB_Jazz_URL-pngAs part of their regular WDCB Jazz Night series, WDCB Jazz Radio 90.9 FM will be generously co-sponsoring a free-admission CD release performance for our new CD, “Investigation.” The event will take place at Chicago’s historic Jazz Showcase on Tuesday, May 19th at 8 p.m.

We are tremendously excited and pleased to partner with Chicago’s premier jazz radio station and their co-sponsor, Steve Maxwell Cover-12-7-14-v1-300Vintage and Classic Drums, to formally celebrate this new double CD in the same venue where our 10-piece group polished it’s music throughout the spring of last year.  Our home base, if you will..

Please join us, along with WDCB and their devoted listeners, for this free event. Needless  to say our double CD will be available at a special discount that night and our discount code “investigate” is still active for physical and download versions at 21st Century Entertainment. For more information and audio samples see this post – for more info about this event visit WDCB’s event page here.

Also – late addition: WDCB’s Barry Winograd plays the music from and interviews Bradley Williams about his new CD, “Investigation”. (Live interview recorded on-air April 15th, 2015)

      1. WDCB Interview Part 1, April 15,2015

      2. WDCB Interview Part 2, April 15,2015

NEW CD PREVIEW! – Bradley Williams’ “Investigation” now available

Our new double CD “Investigation” is now available! Go to 21stCentEnt.com and order a physical CD or immediately available downloadable MP3 archive of the entire set.

Full of inspired performances and music quite interesting, rare, and not in small amount original. Below you’ll find an auto playlist for each CD with abbreviated audio samples.

This dual release pairs an instrumental disc (which includes some voices) and a vocal disc with our band joined by the singers.
Disc 1: The Instrumentals
(demo playlist time: 17 minutes 37 seconds)

  1.  Investigation – from the probable TV show of the same name
  2. Gal Costaa tribute to the Brazilian star
  3. Fish Samichself-explanatory?
  4. Dionne – portrait of the one and only Warwick
  5. For Crowley Funeral march for Aleister
  6. The Stroll Remembering Horace Silver
  7. Stubborn Bluesa trio feature.
  8. Big Head Medleythe Jazz Showcase surely has some pictures.
  9. Trading Underpantsif you should know you will know…
  10. Menelik (The Lion of Judah) – Ellingtonia – Live @ Jazz Showcase

Disc 2 : The Vocals
(demo playlist time: 20 minutes 7 seconds)

  1. Solid Potato SaladThat solid salad, Jack!
  2. Someone Else Is Steppin’ InJennifer Graham issues warning
  3. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ A hit! Gingi Lahera also warns.
  4. I’ll Let You Break My Heart Again London McElvaine  sings Williams’ introspective song.
  5. Maria From Bahia The whole crew with percussionist Geraldo de Oliveira’s touch!
  6. I Didn’t Know What Time It WasJennifer Graham renews a classic.
  7. Use Me London in Williams’ take on Bill Withers’ song…
  8. Where is Love?Gingi and Lionel Bart’s song from “Oliver!”
  9. Lulu’s Back in Town – all three ladies and the Master’s piano.
  10. Nara Marie WillyaWilliams’ ode to an amazing l’il gal…
  11. Desde que o Samba a SambaGingi and Geraldo with a Brazilian Classic.
  12. If You Never Come to MeJobim’s gem enjoys London’s touch…
  13. You Always Come BackThis song just keeps coming back!
  14. What a Little Moonlight Can DoJennifer Graham closes out the set at breakneck pace.

Stay tuned to this blog for official release concert and retail availability in early 2015!

Advance copies available upon request to media folks and concert organizers! info@BradleyWilliamsLive.com


Youtube videos
See you soon!

New Recording in Progress!

Bradhead 2013 Tall-1040127 Howdy Blog Watchers!

Just a little update – we’re taking the music we had so much fun with at the Jazz Showcase last Winter/early Spring, and making a CD, a DOUBLE CD(!!), titled “Investigation.” As I write this we’ve had three recording sessions with the whole band here at Eloquent Sound Chicago, are are doing all sorts of overdubs and fine tuning. The recording will feature both a instrumental CD and a vocal CD. And there will be some new music as well. Our target date is January 1st.

We’re very excited to capture the spirit of this group in a format accessible to folks around the world. Watch this space for more announcements and possible live engagements as we move on to our next phase.

Yours Truly,

Bradley Williams


New face! We welcome London McElvaine.

London McElvaine
London McElvaine

In addition to our established Chicago performers the New 21st Century Review prides itself on introducing and encouraging emerging, fresh talent.  Meet London McElvaine, a lovely and talented young lady originally from the Denver area and currently developing an identity within the Chicago scene.  We’re pleased to have her join our show,  currently running at the Jazz Showcase. She’s featured on our custom arrangements of Bill Withers’ “Use Me” and Ray Charles’ “Hallelujah I Love Him So.”

Video:”I Loves You Porgy” Jennifer Graham

Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham

Every now and then one runs into the perfect match of song and singer.  This is one of those.  We here at Bradley Williams’ New 21st Century Review are fortunate to have among our fine cast the wonderful Jennifer Graham, here offering her absolutely riveting version of this great song from “Porgy and Bess.”

Magic musical moments are made of this. Come down to the Showcase and experience it for yourself.

Video: “The Big Head Medley” Coltrane, Duke and The Bird

Bradhead 2013 Tall-1040127Our show is fortunate to experience its rebirth at one of the world’s premiere Jazz clubs, Chicago’s Jazz Showcase. As of this post we’re entering our fourth month in residence on Wednesday nights at this historic temple of music. Owners Dr. Joe and Wayne Segal have collectively been supporting the uniquely American art form since 1947, and the walls of this beautiful establishment are covered with photographs and posters of the pantheon of its legendary characters.

John Coltrane

Upon entering the striking South Loop club (in it’s equally historic Dearborn Station home) one can’t help but notice three particularly large photos, each taller than a man. Above the bar the iconic saxophonist John Coltrane plays his soprano sax.

Duke Ellington
Duke Ellington

To the audience’s right on the wall, carefully observing the stage, hangs a full-faced portrait of Duke Ellington, bandleader/composer/pianist extraordinaire.

Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker

Finally, completely dominating the stage itself, a gently smiling sunny-faced, be-bop defining Charlie “Bird” Parker, jauntily holding his alto saxophone.


When planning our musical occupation of the Jazz Showcase, I realized this triumvirate of masters needed to be addressed. Thus the “Big Head Medley” was conceptualized and created. Combining ‘Tranes “Moment’s Notice,” Duke’s “The Feeling of Jazz,” and Dizzy Gillespie’s “Salt Peanuts,” our little tour of these gentlemen’s oeuvres seems an appropriate  touch. Anthony Bruno holds forth on both tenor sax and clarinet, myself at the piano, and Brent Griffin’s furious alto, Marques Carroll’s sparking trumpet and Keith Brook’s drums bring up the be-bop finale! Enjoy (and join us in person for the real thing.)

Audio: Two Versions of “Gal Costa”

Bradhead 2013 Tall-1040127In 2007 I composed an instrumental piece entitled “Gal Costa,” inspired by and dedicated to the Brazilian vocalist of the same name.

Gal Costa the Younger

For those of you unfamiliar, Costa is a established Pop Icon in Brazil, a country  known not only for it’s hypnotic, rhythmic music but for the  fine musical intelligence and imagination of its performers.  As a distant fan I’ve been particularly entranced with her performances, from the wild abandon of the 1970s to the stately artistry of her later work. Or maybe I just like beautiful women. Or both.

Costa, Gal
Gal Costa, recent

At any rate, “Gal Costa” was first recorded on the 2010 CD “Sojourn,” which featured my piano trio with a fine string quartet. When I recently decided to restart our horn-based 21st Century Review group this little samba in three had to be included in the repertoire as well, so I whipped up a new version featuring the saxophones of Brent Griffin and Anthony Bruno along with bassist Dan Kristan and drummer Keith Brooks.

Just for fun – here are the two versions, the first from “Sojourn” and the second from a preliminary recording for our upcoming CD with the New 21st Century Review (special sneak preview). Enjoy!

” Gal Costa” from 2011 “Sojourn” recording piano trio + string quartet:

      1. Gal Costa from Sojourn

” Gal Costa” from unreleased 2014 recording: Bradley Williams’ New 21st Century Review (sneak preview):

      2. Gal Costa from New 21st Century Review


Video: You’ve Got to Pay the Band – Gingi Lahera

Gingi Lahera
Gingi Lahera

In the early 1990s Bradley Williams met, through a vocal clinic at the Green Mill, a young singer who caught his attention with her personal and intimate singing style. Before long, via 21st Century Review original member Eden Atwood, Gingi Lahera became a valued addition to the band.

It’s our good fortune to have her in the New edition, sharing her musical magic once again. Here she sings one of her signature songs, one that features our fine trumpeter Marques Carroll as well.

More videos available at our YouTube Channel

Video: What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry – Bradley Williams/Manny Baker

The unique Emmanuelle “Manny” Baker brings her fresh talent and energy to our Wednesday night show at the Jazz Showcase. In this duet she and our bandleader engage in a lengthy reflection on the Manny shawl side hands-1040209art of the apology. A fine standard song is accessorized by additional scatty verbiage courtesy of lyricists Bradley Williams and Petra van Nuis, and tastefully accompanied by our bassist Dan Kristan and drummer Keith Brooks.

Watch out for the random cowbell attack! So sorry!

More videos available at our YouTube Channel